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Special Thanks to the following people for funding the mastering, duplication, and packaging of A Place Of My Own:

Cheryl Birchard
Michael Birchard
Jennifer Bruell
Sarah Comerford
Miguel DeLeon
Susie Gerik
C. Scott Hagler
Billy Hajek
Beverly Jackson
Bruce Jackson
Charlie Kiene
Max Kugel
Mika Kusar
Charlie Love
Mandy Mikulencak
Stephanie Moran
Kelly Quach
Mary Jo Rakowski
Raequel Rhodes-Repath
Christina Romero


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A Place Of My Own

Tim Birchard is a singer-songwriter who loves good distortion.

A guitarist since 1983, he started off by accidentally breaking strings until there were only two left on the homemade, nylon-string guitar his dad had built from a kit. Unable to put the guitar down for long, he's been at it ever since.

In 2003 he received an endorsement deal from CA Guitars, and three years later he moved to his birthplace of Japan, where he spent a year writing/recording his first full-length album, Dragonfly. Since then he's released 5 more albums, the latest being "A Place Of My Own." (All are available for review and digital download at www.timbirchard.bandcamp.com.)

A disciple of The Jazz Ethic ("everything we need is here in the room") and Punk Rock Ethic ("do it yourself!"), he has hand-crafted the album of his dreams, weaving delicate acoustic ukulele sounds with PRS/Mesa Boogie distortion to complement his singer-songwriter storytelling tendencies. All at his home studio. In his own time. At his own pace. On his own dime.

Having poured his heart and soul into this album for six months, Tim took this project as far as he could on a shoestring budget. He reached out to his fans, who generously funded the mastering, duplication, and packaging of A Place Of My Own. This album is dedicated to those fans, and to you.

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