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Fear of ‘getting all spiritual’

I used to be afraid of ‘getting all spiritual’. After feeling like organized religion had let me down in so many ways, I began to equate ‘getting all spiritual’ with being tricked… with believing lies. From then on, I wanted proof. I assumed that if I could perceive it with my physical senses, it must

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Going for a ride with Ego

“I was supposed to be a rock star! I was supposed to become someone important! Someone BIG! Let’s get some beer!” I sat quietly and watched. Listened. Took another sip of my green tea. And waited for the storm to pass. “You’re wasting the day! No one else is around… we’ve finally got some time

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Best day of your life?

What’s the best day of your life? Is it a birthday? A wedding? First love? Special vacation? Often, we associate the best day of our lives with some seemingly special occasion that appears to stand out from all the others. But actually, there is only one correct answer: Today. The best day of my life

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Primal Wounds

Through the lens of the ego, you have wounds from very early on. These primal wounds, while not causing any damage or insult whatsoever to your True Being, nonetheless feel very real to the one who mistakes himself for the physical body. The resulting belief: “I am unlovable,” or some variation on this theme. The

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Why the energies of Osiris, Ra, and Thoth?

Special thanks to E.P.I.C. Magazine People may wonder why it is that the energies of Osiris, Ra, and Thoth are the ones channeled here. I am reassured that the names themselves do not matter. They simply serve as helpful ‘handles’ that allow the ego something familiar to ‘grab onto’ on this plane, where limited spiritual perception via the human

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The Law of One

Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment Fearlessness. It is a characteristic of those on the path of freedom. What could there possibly be to fear, once you realize that the physical body is not you? That the mind is not you? You are not the mind, but rather the space where the mind rests.

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Read more about the ego vs heart on my blog.

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